Where Chess Meets Scrabble!
Possibly the most challenging word game on the planet!

Brain Swaggle is a revolutionary word game that is truly in a class of its own! Designed originally as a tool to increase brain activity and help stave off early age onset Alzheimer’s, Brain Swaggle has developed into a unique, challenging game of skill for people of all ages looking to enhance brain function while having fun at the same time!

Dr. Dave Rickson, MD says “Brain Swaggle is very strategic and loads of fun! It uses broad areas of the brain. Just spelling itself uses four areas of the brain, and you combine that with strategy and planning.”

When selecting a game to challenge your brain, noted Neurologist Dr. Eduardo R. Locatelli recommends that multiple thought processes are engaged all at once. Brain Swaggle™ effectively combines the strategies of Chess and Scrabble to engage these neural thought processes and help achieve stronger, healthier brain performance. (No worries, no need to know how to play Chess :) )

Remember More. Faster. Longer.

Now available on Android!


What exactly is the game app Brain Swaggle™?

What exactly is Brain Swaggle?? You will discover “immediately” that this word game is completely different than every other word game you’ve ever played and could very well be the most challenging word game on the planet!

Gary Downing

Gary Downing

Chief Brain Swaggler

Understanding the importance and benefits of true total body fitness - mind, body and soul - Gary Downing was the owner operator of Total Fitness in Medina Ohio for over 9 years, is a nationally recognized fitness expert, and also a muscular therapist licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board.

Brain Swaggle was initially developed as an educational tool that would increase brain activity and help stave off early age onset Alzheimers. People who inherit these genes tend to develop symptoms in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. However, it wasn’t long before it was apparent that not only did people of all ages enjoy playing Brain Swaggle, but there was also tremendous benefit to everyone in terms of increased brain function and other benefits. So, Gary began to take the game on the road visiting schools, senior centers, assisted living, and memory care facilities. All of this began in 2011 and fast forward to 2018 and the Brain Swaggle mobile app is about to Go Live!

Seriously, if you are like us at all, you are ready for a Fresh New Word Game. We are confident that Brain Swaggle is just that! Join us and Get Your Swagg on Right Now!



When time is limited for you to take your turn or make a decision. How quickly your brain can process events around you determines how effectively you can react to and remember those events.


Anytime you are forced to retrieve stored information. Recording a memory requires adjusting the connections between your brain's neurons sending the memory across synapses.


The need to focus on what has and what currently is taking place. Attention is the ability of the brain to selectively concentrate on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things.

Problem Solving

Being able to strategize or plan in advance for your next move or decision. The human brain has the ability to make calculations and solve problems, even in situations we have never experienced before.


The ability to "shift gears" by going from one direction that you were headed to another. The quicker you are able to switch your thinking from one direction to another, the greater your level of cognitive flexibility.


Science suggests the best learning happens when we’re having fun! The highest-level executive thinking, making of connections, and ‘aha’ moments are more likely to occur in an atmosphere of fun!


  • "Brain Swaggle™ is very strategic and loads of fun. It uses broad areas of the brain. Just spelling itself uses four areas of the brain, and you combine that with strategy and planning."

    Dr. David Rickson, MD
  • "Brain Swaggle™ is an enriching approach to academics. The game may be used for any and all grade levels. I plan to incorporate this game into our curriculum and provide opportunities for classroom, district and county competitions"

    Jacinda Yonkers, Wadsworth City Schools, Ohio
  • "Brain Swaggle™ is a unique game that sharpens your brain! It strengthens your vocabulary and spelling as well expands cognitive thinking and problem solving skills. This is one game that I will definitely use in my classroom"

    Jodi Johnson, St. Johns County School District, Florida
  • "Brain Swaggle™ is a fun hands on game. This standards based approach to learning would benefit any child with any learning style, including gifted students and students with learning disabilities. Because of the many advantages to this game, I fully endorse Brain Swaggle™ to any educator or parent"

    Alison Kaczmareski, 5th Grade Teacher, Atlanta, Georgia


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